Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You've Been Egged! The funnest Easter activity with your Kids!

You've Been Egged!

Egging someone's house.........Usually this is something you DON'T want your kids doing, but I'm telling you......this will become a new family tradition! My kids had the time of their lives tonight.....I told them to dress up in black so they could go sneaking around and they came downstairs in Jedi Cloaks and Batman Outfits. Whatever floats their boat! This activity is a great way to start getting people in the Easter spirit and starting to remember what Easter is truly about! 

 Here is what you do. Figure out who's house you want to egg. Buy 10 plastic eggs per house you want to egg. Fill 9 of the eggs with candy or goodies and leave 1 egg Empty! Yes, Empty. Print out this free Printable (2 per page) and cut it in half (don't forget to bring tape with you). 

select above document and print

When it is dark get your crew ready to sneak around and deliver the eggs in your chosen friends front yard and tape the "You've Been Egged" poem on the front door. Get back in the car undetected! Done!  Are you "egg"cited yet? Have fun with it and let us know if you did anything different or what your kids wore!!!


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