Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to get kids Excited about Chores during Spring Break!

Spring Break is just around the corner and so is Spring Cleaning. I am not always excited to get scrubbing the entire house and my kids are definitely not on the band wagon either. Here's an idea to help your kids get excited to help out during Spring Break/Cleaning. It's not just cleaning, but some other types of service activities as well.

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

  click on the above image, save to your computer and print.

 I was AMAZED how excited they got while using this scavenger hunt and how they were begging me for opportunities to do work and such. Each child is different and there are many ways you can utilize this hunt. All you need to do is click link above..... print it off (2 per page) and put each of your kids name on one. Sit down and have a pow-wow with your kids on rules, prizes, goals and such and then decide where their papers are going to be.(fridge door, kitchen wall, etc.) Sometimes it's nice to hear what your kids think would be a great prize.....sometimes you can get off cheaper than you think. LOL I personally don't have scheduled chores for the week......the Spring Break Scavenger Hunt will be all they have! 

Goal Options:

1~ Have each child pick a Goal of what points they want to get during the can be   
     followed up with a prize if they meet their goal or simply the satisfaction of completing a goal.
2~ The parent picks a Goal amount for each child with or without a reward at the end of the week.
3~ Pick a point Goal for the Entire family to accomplish with a family prize at the end of the week.

Who marks off each box?
  Well, that is up to you. The parent can be in charge of marking it or you can have your kids on the honor system. I personally checked to see if it was completed and then tell the kids they can mark it off or show my non-reading kids which box to mark. They liked marking it themselves.

Prizes Options

You could have a prize for a certain goal reached OR you could have a prize chart that has prizes at each amount level. For example candy when reached 100 pts, coloring book at 200 pts, trip to the park at 300 pts and so forth. I support all you non-prize parents, but me personally my kids have sooo much more motivation when they have something tangible to earn or a prize involved.

Here are some fun prize ideas:

Food Related:    Candy, Ice Cream bars, Special Baked treat, McDonald's, Pizza or etc.

From Store or $: Cash, Trip to $ Store, Coloring Books, Sidewalk Chalk, Bubbles, Toy or etc.

Others or Free: Trip to Park, Zoo, No Chores for the Day, Water Fight Party, Stay up 1 Hour    
                            Later one Night, Go to Movies or Rent Movie or etc.

Hope you find this post to be useful and successful! 


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