Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Bouquet

How to make a Halloween paper flower BOUQUET.

Let's break it down step by step. 
This was one way to make a circle. I grabbed one of my canning lids and drew around the outside.

2. Cut a swirl 
This shows where  I cut the swirl.

3. Start at the beginning of the swirl and start curling it inward. 

When you get to the end it should look like this. If your curl is too tight just let it 
unwind a little to make the curls bigger.

4. the very bottom of the curl has a flat piece. put a dab of hot glue on this area
 and then press the swirls into the glue and hold.


Now for the fun part. I didn't want all my flowers to look the same. So the following photos show you different ways to change it up.  Remember to only cut the decorative design into the outside edge, leaving the inside edge smooth, that way when you curl it, it still turns into a cone. 

Because it is a halloween bouquet i grabbed one of my spider web punches and went to town. 
This shot shows the spiderweb border, a wavy border with some black trim and veins,
 and then you have a circle flower.
This one is a zig zag border.
Note: on all of my borders (except the spiderweb one) I would go back after cutting them out and line them with a black marker. this makes the detail stand out more.
Here is how the spiderweb flowers look.
To make the Leaves you can either eyeball it or draw them out. they don't have to be perfect.

So your leaves don't end up looking flat, pinch the ends this will make them 
curve a bit and look so much better. 
Ok so you have your flower and your leaf. lets start putting it all together. 
Apply a dab of hot glue onto the bottom of the flower.
Apply leaf face up onto glue

Apply another dab of hot glue onto the bottom of the flower/leaf and attach
 either a fancy paper straw (as shown) or a wooden stick.

Let's start working on the vase. I chose to use a quart mason jar. 
I stuffed some white spider web.
Then I took a black knee high stocking and shimmied the jar into the stocking.
Roll top part of stocking down around the lip of the jar and add a spider.

Start adding your flowers and arrange.

Once I had all the flowers in the vase and arranged.
I pulled the spider webbing up and out of the jar and wrapped it around the top of the bouquet.
Add a bow and call it good. 
You now have a spooky bouquet. 

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