Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food For My Lovie~ Recipe #1 Yummy Pepper Beef Hoagies~You can Freeze them!!!

OK, so I am going to start posting recipes in the category ~ Food For My Lovie~ My husband started calling me "Lovie" shortly after we got married and it is officially our pet names for each other. So needless to say these are going to be recipes that I make for him occasionally and some that he makes for me. Hope you enjoy them!

Yummy Pepper Beef Hoagies

I am always looking for recipes for yummy lunches for my husband. He works construction as an electrician and I know sometime lunch is the only time he gets to relax. I don't want him always having lame sandwiches and I know sometime warm gooey cheese/meat sandwiches you put in the microwave are a pleasant change. I also try to come up with recipes that I can freeze in freezer paper and he can microwave at work. Here is one of His new favorites!

1 Lb. Deli Sliced Roast Beef
1/2 Lb. Pepper Jack Cheese~ Grated
1 Onion ~Chopped
1 Red Pepper~ Chopped
1 TB Olive Oil or other cooking oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
6 Hoagie Buns
****If you plan to freeze need freezer paper and tape
Also NOTE: When I made this I did a quadrupole batch so we could have some for dinner that night and I had enough to make 20 to freeze!
 Put your Tablespoon of Olive Oil in a skillet and saute your Onion and Red Pepper. Chop up Roast Beef
 Once Onion and Red Pepper are starting to get translucent...add Roast Beef. Add Salt and Pepper to taste. Mix it up and let it all cook for about 4-5 minutes and then add grated cheese. Gradually stir in cheese until melted and well mixed. (Note: my batch was so big I had to mix it in a bigger pot. If you are doing a single batch you will only need the one skillet.)
Your Meat portion is ready. I like to toast my hoagie buns in the oven (turn broiler on med/high and toast 2-3 minutes...don't burn it) This is not necessary BUT if you are going to freeze sandwiches toasting them is a MUST!!!

I like using a cookie dough scoop, but an ice cream scoop does fine too......well OK you can use a regular spoon too. I stuff them pretty good with 2-3 scoops. Hoot have a Yummy Pepper Beef Hoagie. Drool Drool Drool!!!

Here are additional steps if you want to freeze reheat able sandwiches:

 Freezer paper....I get mine from Walmart and tape....seems like I found this tape where the freezer paper was. It tears easy when you are ready to eat your sandwich.
Make sure your meat is cooled. i know this may sound weird, but if it is hot it will steam up your hoagie while wrapped and make it soggie. I just put it in the fridge until I am ready to wrap them. 
You need a 1 1/2 foot piece of wax paper (I am just estimating...I always eye it) for each sandwich. Place your meat filled hoagie on a corner of the wax paper ...glossy side up. Pull the corner over your hoagie and roll over so that the flat part of the hoagie is facing up under the paper. Bring each side into the middle and finish rolling. Try to keep it tight as you roll. This is just like rolling a burrito.

Then tape the end and even the sides if it looks like air may get in. Mark it with a pen and make sure you have your date when made. Personally I do not know how long they last in the freezer, but imagine at least 3-4 months. The ones in the store are OK for 9 mos-1 year in the freezer.
I saved an old Chicken Nugget box and keep my Yummy Hoagies in there, but you can just throw them in the freezer as is.

Microwave instructions are:
Break tape and slightly unwrap so that steam can escape.
Microwave 2-2 1/2 minutes on high (frozen)
1 1/2 minutes on high (thawed)
Let it stand in wrapper additional 1-2 minutes before unwrapping completely!!!
Eat and be Merry!!!

Let me know how they turned out!!!


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