Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun Glowing Halloween Eyes!!!

Well, I was suppose to come up with a fun Halloween "Kid" Craft, but it turned out to be just a Halloween Craft......But my Owlets Love it. Any Hoo......I came up with

Glowing Halloween Eyes.

 I was walking in the dollar store looking for fun items to use in my craft and came across these fun eyeballs. Once I let the idea fester in my brain a day I concluded what I wanted to do.
You Need:
1~ Halloween Eyeballs  OR Ping Pong Balls( paint them yourself or your kids)
2~ Battery Operated can get those at the dollar store too
3~ Hot Glue.....optional, but I am using the candle just for this project
4~ Dremmel or drill to put hole in eyeball UNLESS you use a Ping Pong Ball and they are softer and you can bust a X into them with scissors. These Eyeballs were rock hard plastic.

 I let my husband have fun with the Dremmel and punch the holes in the Eyeballs. Placement is important. You need to put your hole at a slight angle so it does not cover up all the veins to the eye
There is a project I will post tomorrow that you need to place the hole directly in the back, but that is not THIS project.
Kyle had to extend the hole a little bit to get it big enough to fit over the flame part of the candle.
The first Eyeball has a hole at an angle and the second Eyeball is directly in the back. You want the Eye looking at you!!!! These particular battery operated candles flicker and give it a cool effect. Plus the on/off switch and battery access are on the bottom. Once you are satisfied with the position...use your hot glue gun and do a few dots of glue underneath eyeball hole and let set.
Have fun with where you put your Glowing Eyeballs. On a shelf, in the corner of the dark room, peaking out of the closet door, Under your bed or on the window sill. What will YOU do with them?

Cami is taking a set to show n tell tomorrow since the letter is E.....Eyeball!!!

Hoot Hoot!!!!

Stay tuned for my next post using these fun Glowing Eyeballs in the kids Homemade Trick Or Treat bags!!!!

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