Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plastic Bag Organizer - IKEA Project #2

IKEA find #2 - Plastic Bag Organizer

I came across this little beauty for either $2.99 or $3.99 (can't remember). It is made of white plastic and you can either mount it to the wall with the sticky strips (attached) or use nails/screws and hang it with the holes in the back. how many times do you have an abundance of plastic bags from grocery shopping and they just get tossed to the side or end up all over the place. I have had that problem, but no longer. Not now that I have this baby. 

Now that we have address it's function.
Let's move onto making it pretty.
I have been using my washi tape on everything lately. So why should this be any different. I found 3 washi tapes that I liked the colors, patterns and they worked together. Taping horizontally up the container I created lines that not only looked great but we're super simple to apply. After finishing the tape design, I sealed it with glitter modge podge. This way it was more durable and would last so much longer. After the modge podge dries it is ready to attach to the wall and start filling.

Another Happy Ending Craft!!


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