Friday, August 9, 2013

Ikea Project #3 - Quote or Photo Stand

My #3 Project was a .99 cents stand that is good for quotes or photos. It has 4 pieces, the frame, the base and 2 plastic plates (which are covered with a thin plastic cover that once you are using it you peel off the plates.  I chose to get this in white so that I could personalize it. 

  • Ikea Stand set 
  • Washi tape (color and pattern of your choice)
  • exacto knife
  • modge podge (I used the glitter type)
  • quote printed onto colored paper

To decorate wrap the washi tape around the sides from the inner slot to all the way around to the other side of the slot. Because you need to leave that slot open for the plates and quote to slide in. Use an exacto knife and cut off washi tape using the slot for a guide. Keep doing this step until you get the frame looking like you want it too. Once you have decided you are done. Seal the washi tape onto the frame with modge podge. Let dry.

I chose to go with a princess bride quote. Who doesn't like that movie. there are so many good quotes in that movie. In inkscape I created my quote template. You can do this in word also. I have a printable template below if you like this quote. Print the quote onto colored paper (your choice). Then cut out to match the size of the plastic plates. 

Sandwich the printed quote in between the 2 plastic plates and slide into the frame from the top and you are finished. Now sit back and enjoy glancing at this terrific quote.

Printable Quote:
(click on the image and then choose to print)

Happy Friday!!



  1. What a great idea for a photo stand, you are so artistic! I loved your pinterest boards and had to follow all of them.

    Have a blessed week :)