Thursday, August 8, 2013

Daisy Corkboard's - IKEA Project

I recently attended a blog mixer to celebrate IKEA's new catalog.
After enjoying a nice breakfast and chatting with my fellow bloggers, we all had a chance to check out some of there great products. They also had a educational class on there comfy mattress sets, where we were taught the difference of how each material works and which material is best for your body. Then we of course all took a nap (JK) and tested the mattress's out ourselves.

IKEA is a fun store to not only check out there display rooms (office, bedrooms, kitchens) upstairs ,where you get a ton of inspiration, then downstairs you have more of a store/warehouse set up. I found items for future projects left and right. 
Check out there catalog: Here you can either download it to your computer, ipad or phone.

One of my great finds was a 3 pack of heat trivets for $2.99.  You can find here
these are normally used for putting a hot pot or dish on.

But I had much different plans for these babies. 
Because they are made of cork, I instantly thought of making some decorative cord boards for one of my walls. 

Ta-Da... see how cute these are. I made the flower background out of recycled cardboard and modge podged decorative scrapbook paper onto the cardboard. Once dry then I applied glue with my glue gun unto the back of the cork round and then applied directly to the middle of the flower. 
Now you can tack your important messages or notes onto the cork board. 

Happy Crafting!!!



  1. These are adorable! So cute and so creative!

    1. thanks summer. I think they turned out well. :)

  2. Well that's fun, I never would have thought to use those for something else!

    Yvonne @

  3. Would it be okay if I share the link to this tutorial on my blog? :)