Monday, July 8, 2013

Indiana Jones Disneyland Facts & Tips

This week I am going to fill you in on the Indiana Jones Adventures that is only located in Disneyland.

The Ride

Not only does this ride have a fantastic que where you will see fantastic artwork depicting scenes you will find in the Indiana Movies. But the ride itself is top notch. You'll board a 12-person troop transport that will take you through some rough and ragged terrain, where you better buckle up because you will be shifted up, down, backward, forward and you don't want to fall off the bridge or get left back and shot with arrows.

On this adventure you will take a cliff-hanging journey through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. With Indy's help, you will get through giant Gates of Doom. Pass molten lava in the Cavern of Bubbling Death and avoid the undead mummies of the temple's past victims and swerve to avoid lava eruptions, swarms of insects and evil wraiths. 
Next you will cross over a rickety bridge and come face to face with a giant snake. Just when you thought you were past all dangers you will have to outrun a giant boulder.

The Que
The adventure really starts in the sue. Where you will work your way into the attraction area which is the site for an archaeological expedition. After crossing over a wooden bridge, you will finally reach the temple, here is where the waiting can begin. One great thing is that you can download the below decoder card and look for the mara-glyphics on items and the walls. These originally were part of a AT&T sponsorship, disney cast members would hand these decoder cards out at the beginning of the que, but after a while they stopped doing this. If the line is moving more quickly take a picture and decode later. 

Attraction Tips

  • Ride is considered a fast, rough and dark ride
  • make sure you always correctly fasten your seat belt.
  • the height requirement is 46"
  • You can get Fastpass's for this ride.
  • Ride duration time: 3:15 minutes
  • each time you ride this ride you will get a different experience. because of the countless variations, there are 160,000 possible ride combinations.
Fun Facts
  • This ride opened in March 1995
  • the entire site features more than 1,300 props, including the actual troop transport from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. (you can see this on the right hand site when exiting.
  • Over 600 strobes simulate lighting inside the Tunnel of Torment
  • the Cavern of Bubbling Death measures 50 feet high
  • Mara's power can cause nearly 60 pounds of rubble to tumble every 18 seconds
  • wind speeds inside the Mummy Chamber can gust up to 60 mph
  • the Rolling Boulder in the attractions finale is 16 feet diameter.
  • The Temple of the Forbidden Eye has over 2,000 replicated skulls

  • Go and Enjoy the Adventure!!



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