Friday, July 19, 2013

Bucket List - Disney Project

Bucket Lists can be so much fun not only to create but to fulfill. I have had many items on my list over the years and have been able to check a couple off along the way. Including: riding an elephant, riding on a dogsled in Alaska, taking a ride on a airboat, seeing a moose up close, creating my own quilt pattern line, visiting both disneyland and Disney World and so many more wonderful things.

There are so many things I would love to accomplish this summer and so many more that i wish I had a house of my own so I could do them. I would absolutely love to have my own garden and get down and dirty. 

My Bucket List choice that I would like to share with you all is a craft project I have been dying to create. Every year since me and my sweetheart have been married we go on vacation and it usually is to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Each time we go we always come home with ticket stubs, buttons, disney dollars, pressed pennies and this last time we also went to "the animation academy" in Disney California Adventures and learned how to draw jack skellington. So my plan is to take all these mementos arrange a fantastic collage and frame it, leaving room to add to it each year. 

If you would like to make something like this. save all the little things that you get while at disney. Stop in at the guest relations office near the entrance of the park and grab a button. They have one for every occasion including: Happy Birthday, Happily Ever After, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, Just Engaged, First Visit, I'm Celebrating, Family Reunion, My Magical Triumph (for marathon runners) and Honorary Citizen (this one you have to repeat an oath and then they make you an honorary citizen. We also have an official certificate saying we are licensed to drive the Mark Twain Riverboat. We received this certificate after going up to the top cabin withe the captain and she let us honk the horn and turn the wheel. After our ride we signed the captains guest book and she rewarded us with the certificate. It was a great experience. If you ever want to do this. You must ask the captain before the ride if you can go up to the top cabin, if she/he gives you permission she will instruct you of what to do and where to go. Highly recommended. When it comes to some of the other items. you will always have an entrance ticket, we also save unused fast pass tickets. For the Disney dollars you can usually get these at any of the shops or guest relations. A disney dollar is equal to a u.s. dollar but can only be spent as real money in a disney park or store. Last but not least are the Disney pressed pennies. there are a number of locations for these and each machine has different designs. If you want to know where all of the machines are go again to guest relations and ask for a map for the pressed pennies. This map will tell you where every single machine is and which designs they hold. 
 If you need any more info or want to send me pictures of your collages. come on over and see me at



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