Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Kitty Cubie

We recently adopted 2 kittens. So little by little I buy things for her. I was at walmart yesterday and noticed a nice kitty cubie, but they we're wanting more than I was willing to pay which was $15. So after looking at the construction of the cubie. I said to myself "I can make that and for less". 

I knew I already had material in my material closet that would be perfect for my little cutiepie's, so all I needed to find was the filler that goes inbetween the material. it felt thicker than regular batting. I first went to the craft section and found the perfect material, but again they wanted to much. this was a 42"x72" roll of 3/4" spongy batting for $17.00. I planned on making 2 cubbies but that would still make the batting $8.50 a piece. So I thought to myself this material feels like the egg crate toppers you put on mattress's. So off to the bedding aisle to look for padding. I found a 36"x72" sheet of egg crate foam mattress pad for $10. ($5.00 per cubbie) ok  SOLD. 

Material you need to make 1 kitty cubbie.
  • Foam padding (I found the best deal in the bedding aisle)
  • 1 1/2 yards of (2) different patterned/solid material (one for the inside, one for the outside)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • needle
  • thread
  • pins
  • ruler

This is a photo of the padding I found in the bedding aisle at Walmart.

Fun, Fun, Fun material

First step: (this is for 1 cubie) cut 6 squares 18"x18" of each material. You will have 12 squares total.
Second step. cut 6 squares 17"x17" of the foam padding. To sew each wall. take a square from each material, put together rightside out. sew around 3 sides of the square and cut. Now take 1 square of padding and put inside pocket you just made. Once padding is inside, go back to the sewing machine and stitch the last side shut. Do this 4 more times. 

The 6th square is a little different because you will be putting a circle hole in the middle of this one. 
Do this square in the following order.
  • draw a circle in the middle of the square. (the square consists of the front and back material)
  • cut out circle (through both materials)
  • lay on top of foam square and draw circle on foam square
  • cut the circle out of the foam square
  • flip top & bottom squares so that the tops are facing inward
  • sew around the circle.
  • flip material inside out so that top of material is on the outside now.
  • place foam square in between the 2 sewn pieces. 
  • use pins to secure material in place
  • now sew all the way around the square sealing the foam square in.

When sewing the finished sides together i used my sewing machine to sew the 4 sides together (sew the seams together) the top and bottom were a little to awkward to sew with the machine so i hand sewed the edges. 

 My kitties love it. I had a hard time keeping them out of it until I was finished with it. 

Happy Kitty Day!!!


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  1. OMG this is SOOO cute. It makes me wish I wasn't allergic to cats! Is it big enough that they'll be able to use them as adult cats? How old are the kitties by the way?

  2. They are 3 1/2 months right now. But to answer your question, yes it is big for when they are adults. they look so small in it right now :)

  3. Cute cube and cute kitty!

  4. Super sweet! Pinning:) Swim by http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/07/vintage-swimwear.html

  5. Super cute project! My cat would love it too :)
    Hope you have a good week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. on the side with the hole...you say put right sides together and sew around the hole, then turn right side out...I can't see how this is possible

  7. What a lovely DIY! We've featured you over on the FaveCrafts Blog! :)


  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial, my kitties were climbing through the hole while I was sewing it together and they Love it!!!

  9. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I linked to your tutorial on my blog: http://www.sewingshop.net/blog/thursday-treasures-1-theme-cats/
    Really nice project!

  10. Really great, clear instructions and you chose such adorable fabric. I can't wait to make one of these for my cat! Thanks!