Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Butterfly Clip out of Recycled cardboard

I have been saving cardboard and plastic pieces from packaging. This butterfly's body and wings are made from recycled cardboard (embellished with some fun inks and beads). I started out making a pattern for one wing. My Wing has 3 layers.  #3 is the larger base piece of the wing, #2 is a lower layer of the wing, #1 has a top and a bottom top layer of the wing. 4 total pieces to each wing. 

Once you have the pattern trace it onto more recycled cardboard. I labeled my pieces so there would be no confusion.

Cut all pieces out and lay onto newspaper or some kind of scrap paper that can get messy. Make sure you flip all pieces on the left so they match the right side.

Spray all pieces with a base color. (both sides)

now add different colors in an abstract way on the top wing pieces.
I also outlined the top wing pieces with black ink.

Putting the butterfly together
  • hot glue 5 beads together to form the body of the butterfly
  • glue #3 pieces of the wing to the beads
  • glue #2 Pieces to the lower half of the butterfly wings
  • flue #1 pieces to the top and bottom of the wings (the bottom one should overlap #2 piece.
  • bend some copper wire to use for antenna and glue to the top bead
  • glue a hair clip to the back of the butterfly
  • Last, I hot glued some copper beads onto the middle of body and edges of wings.

Supplies I used:
  • Recycled cardboard from some craft packaging
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Mister Huey's Color Mists - Dark Calico
  • Luminarte - Radiant Rain - Solar Gold
  • Luminarte - Radiant Rain - Apple Blossom
  • Apple Barrel - White 
  • Spronge Brush
  • 5 beads
  • copper wire
  • Martha Stewart luster glass microbeads - Copper
  • Hair Clip

Happy Crafting


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  1. Thanks for telling me about the Mister Huey's spray ink! It looks fun!