Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing and making your Linen Closet Pretty

How many of you have the wire racks in your linen closet. Even though they are easily installed and can hold quite a bit, things like to fall between the cracks. So I decided to fix that problem. 

You will need cardboard, 12x12 scrapbooking paper (any design you wish), white paper (I used card stock), adhesive ( I used my pink scotch advanced tape glider), scissors, ruler, pen, marker and alligator clips.

So start off with some card board. I used mailers that I had sitting around. ( this is a good way to reuse mailers that you receive in the mail.

I picked a cool black and white designed paper (by doodlebugs) and got out my handy dandy tape glider. If you don't have one of these you need to get one, they are fantastic.

Each of my cardboard sheets measured 20 1/2" x 11" approx. So I needed (2) 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper per sheet of cardboard. Now I marked on the back of my scrapbook paper a 1/2" line (this is where you are going to fold it over the edges on the side. Do this on both sheets of paper. (put the line on the R side of the paper that is going on the L side and the opposite way for the R side. I ran my tape glide parallel to that line and also added a strip down the opposite side of the paper and 2 down the middle. (R photo shows the tape areas)

 Once the Adhesive is on the scrapbook paper. Grab your card board sheet and line it up to the 1/2" mark (remember this is one of the sides NOT the front. Just so you know the reason I cut my cardboard sheet to 11" High was so I could wrap the paper over the front area.

Your card board sheet should look like this now. with 3 edges have an overhang.
 To fold. Do the sides first. Run adhesive down both sides on the white area 
and then fold over the edge of the cardboard. 

Now do the same thing to the front piece. 

Photo of the scrapbook paper folding over the edge
Perfect corners!!!

Here is what the piece should look like once you are done. 
Now we need some labels so things will be all sorts of crazy organized.

You will need another piece of the same 12x12 scrapbook paper, l
eft over bits of cardboard and a piece of white paper.
Here are the dimensions for each piece you need to cut out
 (you will need 1 of each 3 pieces for each label):
Patterned Scrapbook Paper: 4"x 5"
Cardboard: 4"x 2 1/2"
White Paper: 3 1/2" x 2
Extra white piece (you will only need 1 of these): 3' x 1 1/2"
 Take your scrapbook paper and the card stock and place the card stock in the middle of the backside of the paper. Make these lines. Now put glue on back of card stock and place in the rectangle.
 Just like the larger pieces do the sides first.
 Now do the top and bottom. It does not matter if any of the cardboard is showing because you won't see it when you put it up.
 Here is what the front looks like.
 Take a marker and run it around the edges of your white sheet. This will make it pop a bit more.
OK this is where the small white sheet comes in that you only have to cut once. Place it in the middle of your white sheet and trace around with the same marker. This makes a border.

 Now you can personalize these to fit your needs. 
 Take a couple Alligator clips and hang from the wire shelving under what that shelf is holding.
 Here is a before shot. things just didn't want to stay where they should.
 and here are a couple after shots. My closet looks so much better and anyone could find what they were looking for now.


  1. Your closet looks pretty & organized. That's the best! I met one of you cute girls at BYB & I'm just popping by to say "hello". Happy crafting!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. Great idea for shelves and labels!