Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bacon wrapped Turkey

Bacon wrapped Turkey

We'll I decided to use a new technique for cooking my turkey this year for Christmas.
All I did was put stuffing in the inside and then wrapped it with bacon. Nothing else.
I criss crossed the bacon across the top of the bird 1st (making sure that I didn't cover the thermometer up. Then covered the legs. I had to use toothpicks in a couple places to keep the bacon in place.Then I placed in the oven for the amount of hours and temp for this size bird and 4 hours later and 2 stops to quickly bast. and there you go. (I did have tinfoil over it for the first 3 hours and then took it off for the last hour).

This was not ONLY the Juiciest turkey I have ever had but it had a great mild flavor to it also because of the bacon. I am definitely going to do this again come thanksgiving. Yumm

Happy Cooking !!

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