Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Year Box ~ Great way to keep track of memories during the year!

Family Year Box

Are you looking for a new tradition that will bring family unity and bonding...or if that is too mushy for you~ a new tradition that helps your family realize they have it pretty good and you DID do something with them throughout the year. Well, me too. So, I decided to start a Family Year Box. A Family Year Box is for you to collect memories throughout the year so that you can open in on New Years Eve and enjoy reminiscing about what happened that year. You can also put things in your box that clutter up your drawers that you keep saying you are going to put in a scrapbook.

Here are some suggestions of what to put in your box:

Notes about funny things family members said
Notes about special events or accomplishments
Notes about family outings or activities
Wedding announcements
Graduation announcements
Program papers for a baptism, funeral or special event
Photographs.......Yes you will have to print them off & not let them live eternally on your computer
Christmas cards...especially the ones with pictures.
Little trinkets you find
Holiday cards or letters
Birthday interviews
Information for that year: Gas price, president, information of the time.
Newspaper article
Movie ticket stubs
Drawings or school projects
List of what everyone got for Christmas
Even include the bad of the year!
I made mine out of a shoe box and covered it with wrapping paper, slit a hole on the top and labeled it Lainhart Family 2013 Year Box. Other options are using a photo box...which I may do next year. I made slips of paper to keep next to my box......each family member having their own color and one color for the entire family. This way I can jot down any funny sayings, activities, celebrations or things worth noting and it is right there accessible to put in the box.

I am excited to start mine this year and possibly look at it in 5, 10, 25 years from now with my kids or grandkids. I am not super good at making this is my lazy way of keeping track of what goes on in the year.

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