Monday, January 28, 2013

Couple's Sign

Today I decided to make a "Couple's Sign". I have been wanting to do this for a while and with valentines coming up very soon, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally make it.  So what you do is you print out the state that your born in, the state your spouse was born in and the state you were married in. (now if these aren't 3 separate states no worries, you will just add the info and heart in 2 or possible 3 places on the state.) To find great state outlines to print. I went to and then in the search area typed in state outline and then checked out the images it popped up with. I printed mine onto a brown card stock.

Once they are printed and the size you want them, cut them out, I left a little bit of an edge around the black outline.

 I then applied glue all over the back of each state and then turned it over and applied it to some black chipboard. I placed a heavy book on top for a minute so that they stayed flat and secure.

 Once it is dry. Cut around the state again.
To attach each state to my top sign I punched holes in each state and the sign and attached each one with wire.
 Here is how it looks finished.

 I know you can't read what I put on each of the states. So here is a breakdown. On each of the states that me and my husband were born I placed a heart over the place the city is located. Next to the heart I wrote..
 Line 1. my name
 Line 2. the word born
 Line 3. City and States name
 Line 4. Birthday 00/00/00

Now the state we were married in i have attached to our 2 birth states and again placed the heart where the city is located. On this one I wrote.

Line 1. his name & my name
Line 2. the word Married
Line 3. City and States name
Line 4. Date Married 00/00/00

This was so much fun to make. 

Happy Crafting

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