Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Halloween Door Signs in One

Here's the How-to Step by Step:
This is a double sided Halloween door sign

1. Start with a wood sign (I bought mine at hobby lobby for $5.99),
 paint in multiple colors and a sponge brush.
2. I painted the back side 1st. I applied a coat of white paint for the base. let dry.
 3. I am doing a candy corn style so now I applied a strip of yellow. let dry. 
 4. applied orange. let dry. 
5. I cut out the words with my cricut. Using my cricut and a sheet of vinyl.
the font is called: barbed ink.
Once you cut the letters out, remove off of the cricut mat, now strip the backing off the (vinyl as shown).
6. Apply the vinyl letters onto the wood. 
7. because i didn't mind the black bleeding through i applied the black straight onto the sign.
 8. Completely cover the entire back with black.
 9. once dry remove the vinyl letters and this is what you get. see how the black bleed into the letters a little. it looks cool on a Halloween sign.
If you don't want it to bleed. keep reading and I will show you how to stop the bleeding.
 I am now working on the front. this side I wanted it to be a solid red.
 I again applied the vinyl onto the wood. the font on this side is called: Creepsville
To make sure it doesn't bleed. apply a layer of the same color as the letters (in this case red).  
 Once it is dry you can now apply the color you want around the letters. (in this case black)
 Tada: no bleeding.
 To attached the ribbon for hanging. I grabbed some dark nails and hammered the ribbon to the top end of the sign. 
 made some cute pleats on the side and added a few more nails under.
 Here is one side 
 Here is the other side. 
I love my sign. 

also if you are wanting to not waste your vinyl .. here are some tips on how to keep them for another project and how to organize them. 

Once I peeled the letters off my sign I attached them to a sheet of wax paper. 
Here is a shot of the other part of the vinyl. You can use this as a stencil. just make sure you keep the pieces that go in the centers of o's, a's, etc.
I am organizing them in file folders. If you notice I have taken the centers and taped them to the inside of the folder. see the top right of the folder. I taped them there and wrote under each on which letter the center belonged to. 
 Now just add the wax paper with the letters and your done. Write the description on the top and file it away. 

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