Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Series Day 6 - Naughty or Nice Tree Scroll

On the 6th Day of Christmas
Santa brought to me

A great idea for my tree!
So I am sharing it with all of you
Today I am personally posting :)

My gift to You is a post on "Naughty or Nice Tree Scroll"

 To Make you need: a roll of kraft paper and a black marker.

 Unwrap the top 8 inches of the the roll of kraft paper and start to tear. 
Keep tearing until you get the desired length you wish to use. 
With a black marker write: Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Then draw 2 sqaures and a name and keep going all the way down the scroll. 
I did family names and then added disney characters and 
movie characters I liked to fill the scroll.

 Start attaching the scroll at the top of your tree and then wrap around the tree.

Make sure to check mark some of the boxes as each day passes.