Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey Ever!!
How can you go wrong with Bacon

Doesn't this Turkey look delicious!!

To make a bacon wrapped turkey.
Prepare your turkey like normal: add stuffing, apply injections
 (whatever you like to do). Then once the turkey is ready to go
in the oven, you cover the entire top and sides with bacon.
Turkey ready for the oven and waiting for bacon.

as shown in the above 3 photo's you can see what my finished turkey looks like.
I started with the main part of the bird and criss-crossed strips of bacon over the entire body. If any of the bacon slips just add a toothpick. the tricky part is the legs. Just use shorter pieces of bacon and use more toothpicks to keep in place. The toothpicks will be easy to take out after baking and before carving (the bacon will be crispy after baking and will hold together without them)
Quick Note: when covering the body, make sure you don't cover up the thermometer (the red circle shown 2 photo's up)
If any of this is confusing, just ask me.
Happy November


  1. oh my goodness I need to show this to my sister not only is she bacon obsessed but she's in charge of the turkey this year!

    1. She'll love it. If she has any questions send her my way.

  2. At what temperature do you cook this at? Thank you!

  3. 350 degrees, I use an oven bag.. Then time wise depends on how many pounds, but you treat it like a normal turkey. I hope this helps