Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Series Day 3 - Redneck & Manly Ornamant

On the 3rd Day of Christmas
Santa brought to me

Shauna with "City 2 Country"

Her gift for us is a post on a
"Redneck/manly ornaments"

Redneck Ornament / Manly Ornament

 Here is an ornament perfect for that "redneck" in your life ...or maybe you have an outdoors man. It is manly, but yet cute enough to go on any Christmas tree. It has a hole in the back so when it is hanging...a Christmas light can go inside and make it glow.
I have these available in my Etsy shop here
I made it for my Lovie~ Kyle the wanna be mountain man!!!!

All you need is Fishing line ( I used heavier line), Fishing Bobber, 
Barrel Swivel, Ribbon & Bell. I did put a dab of hot glue
 on the back when I was placing the ribbon so it was easier to tie.

I never go totally I drilled a hole in the back with my dremmel so that a light on the Christmas tree can go in it to make it glow!!! It turned out so fun and super cute!!!

And the best part is that if you want to purchase any of
 these awesome ornaments you can find them at shauna's etsy shop....

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  1. I'm making one of these for my father in law for sure! Great idea. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks!