Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spooky Blogger's Night Out - Nightmare on 13th

Guest Post by: Janel Simpson

A Night of Fear and Fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and one thing I always look forward to is Halloween and all the events leading up to it, including a visit to the local haunted houses. Who doesn’t love a good scare! I got the opportunity to attend a great night at Nightmare on 13th St. and I was not disappointed. I of course brought a date along, just in case it was too scary and then I’d have something to bury my face into J
               We walked into get our tickets and before we even got to the ticket booth there were fun things to see like a spooked out dragster and various creatures and spooks. The spooks and creatures, if you were brave enough, were even willing to stop and take a picture or two. The lines were all packed with guests wanting to be put into a fear coma, but the lines did move quickly.
                Once inside we were lead into a room where we got to take some fun photos with a monster and given ticket stubs to look them up later online. Then we walked down the hall and into the theatre which was where you’d go to enter the haunted house.  While in the theatre we got to take in some fun movie projects of crazy creepys and ghouls, and some talking pumpkins gave you some laughs. The theatre really set the mood and was put together well. Once through the line of the theatre the fun really began.
                I can’t give you every detail of the haunted house but I can sum it all up. The haunted house was amazing. You walked through various paths that would lead you into  different themed rooms. While my face wasn’t buried in my dates arm or back I tried to really take in the amazing details all around me. The art and d├ęcor of each section was eye candy to tickle the eyes. Different animatronic things would move or pop out and then you had a few real people to give you the random scare. It wasn’t just a flat walk through the house either, you got to go through different motion rooms, squish things under your feet, or walking through various curtains or barriers. Many of your senses will be engaged, whether it is sight, sound, hearing, and smelling.  Needless to say these mazes of wonder  had something to touch on anyone’s fears.
                Nightmare on 13th St. has something for everyone. It  is mild enough for the young and not so brave yet various enough for the not afraid of anything type to enjoy. For a fun filled night of haunting fun, head on down to Nightmare on 13th St.


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 Nightmare on 13th
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  1. Sounds like fun!! Hopefully I can go next year!

  2. When I did dia de los muertos! The sugar skull makeup was fun!

  3. I wish we could have been there. Sounds like you had a great time! :)