Thursday, May 30, 2013

Patriotic Banner

This was such a fun banner to make. 
plus it can be used for 3 holidays: memorial day, labor day and 4th of july.
This banner has a shield, 2 rosette's, 2 star's, american flag and hat.
the following photos shows you what each of them ended up looking like.

The materials I used to make these were recycled cardboard, scrapbook paper, ribbon, markers, sticky gems, glue, Bravisimo rosette's, glue gun, yarn, fabric and lots of creativity.

First thing you need to do is print off the pattern below.
There is a pattern for each design except for the rosette's.

Downloadable Pattern

To make this banner. print out the pattern above, cut all the pieces out, trace onto cardboard or any thick material you want to use.
Then pick out what scrapbook pages you want to use and start covering your pieces.

To cover your pieces place your scrapbook page over the area you want it,
then flip the piece over and carefully cut the excess paper off. it's that easy.
Now start layering and gluing your pieces on. add bling, distress the edges,
 outline designs, use pop up dots to add more depth, this is when you can
 add your own personal stamp to the pieces. make it yours.
once all of your pieces are covered and complete. glue it to a long strip of ribbon.
Tie more ribbon, yard, fabric onto the banner and your finished.

Here are photo examples for each...

Step 1: Apply red paper to the bottom 2/3 of the shield
Step 2: Apply blue paper to the top 1/3 of the shield
Step 3: add strips of white ribbon, start at the top of the red paper
 and run downwards and wrap and glue on the backside.
Step 4: Apply white paper onto banner cutout and then apply banner to shield.\
Step 5: Cover USA letter with star paper and then apply to the banner.
Step 6: Apply red pearls to the blue paper.. if you wish add more bling or swirls.

Step 1: Buy or make Rosette: This one is from bravissimo
 (you can get very cheap through
Step 2: Draw or cut out the letters for BRAVE, Color and apply to Rosette.

Step 1: Apply blue paper to the star cutout
Step 2: White paper (cut this star a little smaller than the blue one) apply on top of blue one.
Step 3: Red Paper (cut a little smaller than the white star) apply on top of white one.
Step 4: Outline the white star with a red marker.
Step 5: Outline red star with a black marker.
Step 6: Add gems

Step 1: Apply red paper to flag cutout.
Step 2: add white stripes onto red paper.
Step 3: mount blue paper onto cutout and then apply to red & white stripes.
Step 4: Add Gems

Step 1: buy or make rosette.
Step 2: Draw or Cut out letters for HOPE ( I applied gallery glass onto of the letters)

Step 1: Apply red paper to the bottom 1/2 of the hat.
Step 2:  Apply blue paper to the top 1/2 of the hat.
Step 3: Apply red ribbon, start at the bottom of the blue area and
 go upward and wrap around the top of hat and glue on back.
Step 4: Apply white paper to band cutout and then mount onto the hat.
Step 5: Cover all 5 Star cutouts with different paper and then mount onto
 the band in a fun fashion.
Step 6: Add gems & swirls.

To make into a banner, punch a hole into both sides of each shape. run ribbon through holes and make a knot. Then to add a little something more to the banner. apply yarn, fabric strips and ribbon.

Happy Crafting!!!


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  2. Aw, great idea. Super cute banners.