Thursday, May 2, 2013

Missing Sock Station

I have been wanting to create this wall decor in my laundry room for quite some time. Not only does it look cool but with me living in an apt it is something that can be removed easily. How many of you guys have missing socks when you are doing the laundry. I know I do and I am always miffed at were to keep them until I can find the match. So I decided to make a wall dedicated to my lost sock syndrome.

To create this decor you will need the design done in vinyl 
(whether you do it yourself or buy it from someone else), twine, popsicle stick, 
clothespins and 2 nails or push pins.

After you clean your wall. start arranging your words on the wall. take the strip of paper off the back of your word (the piece of paper that has the grid). while you are arranging your design, remember that you can reposition things (the contact paper allows you to stick and unstick the design until you rub it on.

If you are to the point that you are happy with your design. Take your popsicle, credit card or anything flat that you can use to rub. rub over the design and then slowly start peeling the contact paper off, leaving the design on the wall. If while you are peeling the contact paper the design comes up, press back down, rub again and try to peel off again.

After I finished applying my vinyl design. I took a long strand of twine and using to pushpins, tacked to the wall leaving a bit of slack in the twine.  Add clothes pins and missing socks. and you are now done.

Happy Crafting!!

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