Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lifebook 2014 - Lesson 1 "Find your guardian and word of the year"

My sweet hubby for our 5th Anniversary bought me an art class called
 Lifebook 2014. This is a art package that lasts the whole year.  Each week we get a class on a Full piece, technique, color lessons, mixed media practice and so much more. The first class was scheduled for Jan 1st. But as a surprise our lovely host Tamara Laporte posted the class yesterday on the 31st. I stayed up last night celebrating the end of the year and beginning of a fantastic new one, sitting in my craft room creating my first piece of art for my life book. she turned out wonderful and the lesson was really well done. 
Check back each week to see what new piece of am working on each week.

If you want more info on the Lifebook 2014 classes check it out: and the great thing about it is, wonderful lessons for a really decent price. 

I had so much fun with her. :)

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