Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas all year Round

Christmas time is such a special time of year. One most of us enjoy. Not only are there presents, parties, food, love and family time. I think family time is one of the most precious parts of christmas time. So as a family what can we do during the christmas season to be able to enjoy this special time together. Here are some ideas

  • If you enjoy singing. grab some christmas songbooks, bundle everyone up, a list of friends you would like to go and visit (you can also go to neighbors, an old folks home or hospital) and either get walking or snuggle up in your car and head on out. 
  • 12 days of Christmas.. pick a couple or 1 terrific family and put some goodies together and drop them off every night for the entire 12 days. most people start this tradition on Dec 13th and end Dec 24th.
  • Decorating... in my family decorating the tree is usually a family night, we put on a christmas movie or music and trim the tree. the little ones love helping put on ornaments. 
  • Go to the theatre. My husband loves "the Christmas Carol". We went this last year as a family and enjoyed the live theatre and the meaning that this particular story teaches us. 
  • Go to the theatre (you probably thinking you just said that one) This time I am talking about the movies. We dressed up and went to the movies. We had a blast going to see Frozen in 3D. Can you tell we loved the glasses. 

When it comes down to it though. any time spent with family (or friends) is good.

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