Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paper Scraps Organized

Do you have a heap of scrap paper or crate full like me?
We I am just plan fed up of mine.
So here we are giving you a tutorial on how to make a file system to
 organize your scrap papers by color.

Items you will need:
Cardboard: cereal box, reused mailing boxes or reg. cardboard boxes
scrap paper
marker to write label
glue dots or your favorite adhesive
masking tape
brown paper or even brown paper bags from the grocery store

To make the dividers. reuse cereal boxes, mailer boxes (that you got in the mail) or any other sturdy cardboard that will fit the crate. 
My dividers are measured at 15" x 12".
I wanted to color coordinate the files so just by looking at the top of the divider you would know what color was in that file. I took some extra scrap papers (boy I defintely had this one covered). 

Process above.
Picture 1: dab glue or glue dots on the bottom of the colored paper.
Picture 2: flip divider onto back side. Apply the adhesive side down on the edge.
Picture 3. Flip back onto front side.
Picture 4: apply more glue dots or adhesive all over the colored paper.
Picture 5: Fold glued side over and press down onto front side.
Picture 6: make sure you have colored paper all the way across the top of the divider.

Pocket measurements: 6" x 13" (this was made from brown paper)

How to make the pocket:
Picture 1: Line up back side of the 1st divider with the front side of the 2nd divider.
Picture 2: Take your pocket paper, using masking tape tape down the pocket.
Picture 3: tape down the other side.
Picture 4: fold in half
Picture: hooray you have a pocket divider.
Keep doing this process until all of your dividers are connected.

Happy Organizing!!!

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  1. this is a great idea Carrie! I've tried several different ways to store my paper scraps, and I think I'll do this one next.
    Thanks for sharing