Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gift Tins

There's a lot to say for "presentation".   The way something looks is what makes us want to take a closer look. I have always enjoyed wrapping presents and the creative side of me has always loved to
take a little extra care in making packages beautiful.  It may take a little more time to do the extra details but it's always a joy to see the finished product and then see the recipient's face light up when you give her the gift.

This year I decided to have some fun making some gift containers for some of my Christmas gifts.
I saved some empty food cans,  made sure there were no jagged edges] and then soaked them for a bit in some soapy water to get the labels off.  Once dry, I was ready to start decorating the cans.

I used a "Doritos" can, green beans can and a large tomato can.  [I did not need to soak the "Doritos can.  I put the wrapping paper directly onto the can as is]

I then gather what craft items I need to decorate the cans. [wrapping paper, scrapbook papers, Christmas embellishments, ribbon and cards/tags. etc/]

I used double sided scotch tape and hot glue as my adhesives.  I adhered the papers on first with the double sided tape and then the embellishments with the hot glue. 

I used wrapping paper on the red container at the left and scrapbook papers to the other two.
You can use these containers for any kind of gift. [food items or other things : socks, jewelry, etc]
And, you can decorate them for any occasion.

The picture below shows how I turned the "joy" can upside down to be used as a candle holder.  You could make a can for this specific purpose or enclose instructions with the gift can that once the gift is removed, the container could be used for this. You might include the candle inside as the gift.

So, give this fun idea a try.  Save some cans and let your creative juices flow.
Happy Creating!  

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