Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet Christmas Nativity Ornament~~~ Tutorial

Sweet Christmas Nativity Ornament
Tutorial for DIY kit of 5

Each year my sisters and I create and exchange a homemade ornament. This is my 2012 ornament that Carrie and I designed. It is sweet, simple and really represents the 'TRUE' meaning of Christmas.....the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This ornament is handcrafted, sturdy, but yet light weight. Perfect for a gift or for your own personal tree.

Our shop is totally supportive to you DIY (do it yourself) people. Homemade is the way to is more personal and not to mention easier on the budget! This tutorial is in conjunction with the DIY kit of 5 Sweet Christmas Nativity Ornament we carry in our shop~ City2Country

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This kit includes all you need to make 5 Sweet Nativity Ornaments.
(I make the hooks for you with star already attached)
The only thing you will need is a hot glue gun w/ glue and scissors. 
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Gather your kit, plug in your glue gun and grab your scissors. I like to do my crafts in an assembly. It saves time and gets things I am going to show you how to make all 5 at the same time. (or how ever many you have 10, 15, etc.) Please make sure you read through ALL steps before starting so you understand everything and have all materials.
Warning!!! Please be careful when using a hot glue gun. Use small dots of glue and don't press with your fingers if glue is still extremely hot. Hot Glue burns can be serious!!! Only touch glue to press or flatten if you are totally comfortable with using a glue gun!

Grab the Mary body (no legs) & red fabric. Lay fabric right side down and fold one corner 1/4 way to bottom. Apply dot of glue to top of wood head and attach red fabric (fold side down)
 to glue and press.
Apply a dot of glue under chin and slide your fingers along side of head from top to bottom and pinch fabric together pressing it to glue under chin.
Apply dot of glue to BACK of wood and lay down back of fabric....point of fabric pointing down. It will be sticking out on the sides, but don't worry about that since it will be tied down later.
Repeat to make 5 Mary's
Grab Joseph wood (with legs), blue fabric and embroidery floss. Fold top of blue fabric about 1/3"- 1/2". Apply dot of glue to top of wood head and attach blue fabric (fold side down) and press.
Apply dot of glue on both sides of head and attach sides of blue fabric by sliding fabric flat starting top to bottom.
Apply dot of glue to inside lower part of fabric near where body begins. Press both sides of fabric together. Apply a dot of glue to BACK of wood 1/2" above where legs start.
Place your finger at the top of the head and slide towards back. As you do this you will see the fabric spread out like a cape. Keep sliding until you cover dot of glue and blue head dressing lays flat in the back. It will be sticking out on the sides, but don't worry about that since it will be tied down later.
Apply a dot of glue to the back of the head. Lay part of the end of embroidery floss into glue at a angle. Wrap the rest of floss around the head and lay floss across remainder of glue to form an X. Do this fast so the glue is hot to attach both threads.
Press the flat part of the blae to your scissors to flatten. The cold metal doesn't stick to the hot glue, but allows you to flatten it without burning yourself. Trim end with scissors.
Repeat to make 5 Joseph's

Baby Jesus
Grab white cloth pieces and small wood beads. Apply a small central line of glue(not all the way across) to the bottom of white cloth and start rolling cloth. When your almost to the other end apply a small central line of glue and complete roll and press.
At an angle cut both ends...make sure end of roll is central. The middle picture has scissors pointing to the inner 2 layers of the roll. Take your scissors and remove the end of that so it creates a small dip.
Apply a dot of glue to that dip and add wood bead (make sure holes on bead are at the side so they get hidden) Push the bead towards the center of the roll so it tucks the bead under the cloth a little. There is your swaddled Baby Jesus.
Repeat to make 5 Baby Jesus

Finish Assemble
Apply line of glue to Mary's left side and attach a Joseph to that side. Make sure you move all fabric to the side so that it is wood glued to wood. Repeat and make all 5 couples.

Now its time to attach the wire hanger. Spread the fabrics apart so you can see between Mary & Joseph. BEFORE gluing....see how and where hanger fits. There is a notch in the wire at the bottom. The notch should go in between Mary and Joseph by there necks. This notch is to give your hanger better grip and stability. Once you have figured out how and where it goes, take it out and apply a line of glue from the neck to 1/2" above bottom leg. THEN add wire hanger. Allow red and blue fabric to fall back in place (or how you like them) and press firmly.
Repeat and make all 5 couples with hanger (backs shown).
Grab a single piece of raffia. Fold it in half so you know where the middle is. Apply a dot of glue to the center back and attach raffia at middle point. Press firmly. Wrap raffia around both sides tucking in red and blue fabric that are sticking out and tie a knot in the front middle between couple. I apply a dot of glue underneath knot, but it is optional.
Tie a TIGHT bow with raffia and double knot it. Make sure your bows are long enough that they extend beyond the sides. Cut bow loops and extra raffia. (save for next step)
Fold extra pieces of raffia in half and tie a knot in the middle. Apply dot of glue below raffia knot and attach raffia piece knot to glue. The point is to not stack knot on knot....make the knots as flat as possible. Also, when putting extra raffia piece on position it so the raffia is going a different direction then the first set of raffia. You have to spread the ends out sometime to get the look you like.
Apply generous dot of glue to raffia knots and attach Baby Jesus so it is at a angle and the head is towards Mary. Now take your scissors and trim raffia to look like hay around Baby Jesus. If you hold your scissors at an angle it will give the raffia ends a great effect. Repeat and finish all 5.

Yeah your done!!!! hang one on your tree and give the rest away!
If you notice any flaws or unclear verbage...please contact us at


  1. Hi, I am thinking of doing these with a large group of kids. Can you tell me what guage/brand wire you use to make the wire hanging or is it made from a coat hanger? Thanks!

  2. Great question. It is made with 16 guage wire. I found it in a big spool in the concrete area of Home Depo. The kits have moved to a different Etsy site City2CountryShop....if you want to buy just the wire hanger just convo me. I did this with a group of about twelve 9-10 years old girls and 2 adults. We did it where the adults put on the hot glue and the girls were in 2 lines each taking turns. I think I would pre make the mary, joseph & baby Jesus and then let the kids do the rest. It would be less hot glue to be around.

  3. Thanks so much. We have 4-17 yr olds in different groups, so I am for sure going to look for something more simple for the lil ones, and maybe just try this at home with my daughter. We'll see. I love it :0