Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Series Day 17 - Child's Wish List Ornament

On the 17th Day of Christmas
Santa brought to me

A great idea for an Ornament you can add to each year!
So I am sharing it with all of you
Today I am personally posting :)

My gift to You is a post on
 "Child's Wish List Ornament" 

This is a perfect Ornament to make into a christmas tradition. Each year you or one of your children will each make out a christmas list and place in the ornament. When there 18 or moving out, let them take it with them so they can continue adding to it. You can later choose when you will open it to see all the many wonderful things you placed inside. Wouldn't you love to know what you wanted for christmas when you were 3 years old.

Start off with your choice of clear glass ornament. I choose a fun square shaped one.

You will also need gallery glass (color of your choice), piece of paper, a pen, 
a little bit of thread, ribbon, 1 button and a hook.

To make the christmas wish list to go inside the bottle.
Cut a piece of white paper 1 1/2" x 4 ".
Write at the top the year that you are currently on.
Then write what you or your child is really wanting that year.

Roll the list up and tie off with some colored thread.
Once done slip it into the ornament through the opening. 

To personalize these, take your gallery glass and write the child's name on the front.
Remember gallery glass will look lighter when applied and will darken up once dried.
*you can also apply vinyl or stickers if you don't want to write it on yourself

 Once dry, add ribbon, button's or other embellishments to it and add a hook to hang it.

Have fun, and be creative...

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