Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Series Day 15 - Christmas Ribbon Projects Galore/Scrapbook Steals Blog Hop

On the 15th Day of Christmas
Santa brought to me

A great idea for a craft Project!
So I am sharing it with all of you
Today I am personally posting :)

My gift to You is a post on
 "Christmas Ribbon Projects Galore"

Which is also a part of the Scrapbook Steals Blog Hop
If you aren't familiar with Scrapbook Steals, it's a scrapbook site that offers twice a daily scrapbook steals (discounted product) for a great price. They have some of the coolest scrapbook supplies on their site. Check them out HERE

I buy items from this company all the time to make a lot of my fantastic projects.

I want to show you how to take 4 different rolls of ribbon (I'm using
American Crafts Everyday Ribbons) and make 2 different, make that 4 projects.
and to top it off not only are they useful but work for christmas time.

My 1st project - which is actually a 3 in 1.
  • Solid Black American Craft Ribbon
  • Turquoise Chevron American Craft Ribbon
  • String of 16 bells (found at the dollar store)
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • buttons
  • scissors
  • turquoise paint
  • paintbrush
Here is how you make it:
  • Cut both the black & turquoise ribbon into 8 even pieces (each)
  • Tie a bow on each bell, alternating the colors
  • add a button to the middle of each bows (I alternated white and turquoise buttons on this step)
  • the bells on my string we're gold and silver so I then painted the gold ones turquoise
  • now your done.
What you can now do with this:
  • I added some more black ribbon to each end of the strand and tada you now have a unique jingly necklace. 
  • The second way to use this is to hang it on your doorknob and now you have a door bell.
  • Third, which is my favorite, is to hang it on the back of a chair and now you have festive chair decor.

My 2nd Project is: a Gift Tag

Now for the green and pink. your probably wondering how is she going to add pink into christmas. easy peesy. I made a festive gift tag. christmas doesn't always have to be green & red. The more colors the better.
  • Green American Crafts Ribbon
  • Pink American Crafts Ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Embellisment
  • Glue
  • Gem
  • decorative scissors
  • hole punch
How to:
  • cut a piece of cardstock 3" x 8" (you can change this)
  • fold the cardstock in half
  • cut 3 pieces of 3" pieces of ribbon & glue to front of card
  • cut 1 piece of ribbon 6 1/8", wrap this around the front & glue on the backside
  • cut a couple more small pieces of ribbon to add under the snowflake
  • apply the snowflake to the small pieces & top off with gem
  • cut the bottom of the top flap with decorate scissors
  • punch a hole in one of the top corners for ribbon
  • End by writing in the inside of the card To: & From:
.You now have a snazzy gift tag perfect
 for that gift you can't wait to give.

this post is also a part of the scrapbooksteals blog hop. so go and check out a few more ideas.
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Karen Nofziger


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    The card is great
    in these colors.
    Carla from Utah

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    1. linda if you have any questions or run up against a problem just give me a hollar

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