Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food for our Pampered Spa Party

We had so much fun designing and putting all of our thoughts and ideas that were on paper to life. It was a spa party so we figured other than the cupcakes we would try to keep it healthy and yummy. Our color chooses were: Yellow, Green and Orange so that we could incorporate the citrus fruits.
What spa party is great without chocolate covered strawberries. (be mindful though if you decide to make some of your own, that once you dip & cover the strawberries with chocolate they are only good for maybe 2 days top. so the closer to the party time or when you want to enjoy them the better </>
I used my circle glass dish and filled it with: orange slices, green grapes, yellow pineapple chunks and orange canteloupe rounds. Spear one with a toothpick and dip it in the fruit dip and you have a party in your tummy.
Cucumber slices. 1 cucumber peeled then sliced and 1 cucumber just sliced. Depending on people’s preference. Or to use on your eyes during your face mask.
Now we have a couple of my cute white ceramic mugs with carrot sticks, celery sticks and yellow bell pepper slices. we had a Lipton Onion dip for the veggies.
Time for dessert: we had yellow cupcakes with a fluffy frosting.
We made a homemade mint lemonade the night before and garnished our glasses with yellow, orange and green striped straws and orange, lemon and lime slices to make the straws.

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