Saturday, September 21, 2013

Into the Great Blue Yonder

I was privileged enough this past Tuesday to participate in a blogger event that we learned more about ADHD (I will be doing another post on the ADHD Book) and we all got to experience a helicopter ride.
Getting this experience for most people is a once in a lifetime event. 
Mine not only was a terrific experience but a needed one.

When I was 17 (prom night no less). My best friend's date who was the driver, fell asleep at the wheel and when he woke up suddenly, he swerved off the road up a dirt sand dune and the car rolled 3 times. After we finally stopped, and our car was laying on the right hand side. my date had to drag me out the side window and then commenced to help my friend and her date out of the front L window (which was the top of the car now). We we're really lucky that a lady was driving down that road soon after. this was a road that not too many people travel especially at night (it was probably 20 miles outside the town limits). She was able to contact 911 and within 30 minutes they had a flight for life helicopter and an ambulance with multiple EMT's to help us. The driver had a couple bruised ribs from hitting the steering wheel. My friend had a twisted ankle. My date had a headache. AND I had a broken wrist, multiply cuts from broken glass and bruises up and down my body. I was the ONLY one without a seatbelt on, reason being we had just dropped off another friend 30 minutes prior and I never scooted over to get into a seatbelt and the middle section didn't have one. So once the EMT's arrived on the scene. I was sitting in the front seat of the ladie's truck and 2 or 3 EMT's came over to question me about my injuries. They soon after decided to put the 2 guys into the ambulance and me and my friend in the helicopter, me because of all my injuries and my friend because she was going into shock. They lead me from the truck to a gurney and strapped me down. Once I was strapped in, 4 of the EMT's grabbed a handle, 2 on each side and lifted me off the gurney and carried me on the board to the helicopter. Talk about scary, I thought at any minute they would drop me. Once we got to the helicopter they opened the back area and slide the board headfirst into the tail part of the helicopter. So my head was the only part of me in the cabin. Chest down was in a confined area. My friend was put in the other side. They then put a air mask and head phones on me. So now I am strapped in, in pain, can't communicate and can't move. The flight was about 15-20 minutes to the hospital. I thought I was going to loss it. I prayed harder than I can ever remember and sang primary songs to myself until we landed.

So you can imagine every time I see a helicopter it reminds me of that experience. 
When this opportunity came up, I was determined to have a better experience and I am glad I did. 

These are some of the other planes that we're in there hanger.
they even opened up the 6 passenger private plane so that we could get in and see what it was like.

One Fear faced and gone!!!

Carrie Hannah


  1. Sounds like a scary experience. Its great though, that you were able to face it. So often, I just avoid the things that scary me and I think it would be so much better just to face them. Its hard!

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing that experience. That would have been frightening. I'm so glad you had an opportunity to confront your fear and hopefully replace not a not so happy memory with a happy one! I'm proud of you, way to go!

  3. Wow, sounds like your first experience wasn't very great. I've never been in a helicopter. Glad this trip was a little more memorable.

  4. way to face your fears. What a sad prom story, I'm glad you made it through.

  5. I adore you! Thank you for being willing to share this experience. Wishing you much happiness in life!

  6. Wow, what a scary even to happen to you at a young age. I am glad your second helicopter ride was a better experience! Love your pictures! xo