Friday, February 7, 2014

14 Days of Love - Day 7 ... Post it note's Decor

My little helper Cupid has been scouring the globe for
 fantastic lovey dove posts to share with you.

Today Cupid asked me to share a post on
 "Post it Note's Decor"
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I wanted to make something to add a bit of color and holiday cheer on my big white wall behind my desk at work. So being limited to few items to be crafty with. All you need for this project is colored post it notes, a pen and scissors. I used 3x3 post it's and 1x1 post it's.
To make these I turned them over, sticky side up and drew a heart on the back. then taking my scissors I of course cut them out. Make sure you have the top of the heart within the sticky line at the top. I would do about 5-6 post it's at a time. If you don't want to redraw a new heart on the back of the next pile. Just take your original cut stack and trace the heart on the new stack.
Then have fun. Place them sporadically on the wall. I have some fantastic cork boards on my wall and so I just placed them around my cork boards.
These would also look great with candy heart saying written on the front of them.
this project should only cost you a couple bucks at the most unless you already have post it's on hand.

Sorry about the photos. I only had a phone to take them this morning.
Have fun.

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