Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Splash Wreath

"And she'll have fun fun fun 
Til her daddy takes the t-bird away "

Celebrating the fun vibrate colors that remind you of summer I make a summer wreath and had a splashing good time doing it. 

Supplies (most of these things I had or bought at the local dollar store) It cost me $4.00 to make.
  •  Colorful plastic hanger
  • 6 pack colored hawaiian leis
  • big plastic sunglasses
  • faux flower
  • beads
  • rhinestones
  • Tim Holz Grunge letters
  • Martha Stewart micro glass beads
  • flock
  • hot glue
  • cardboard 
  • hole punch
  • alcohol ink

I started with cutting up my leis (once you cut into the twine holding them together, they unravel quite easily).  I cut multiply 6" long pieces of each of the 6 colors. Once you have a bunch of these cut. choose the order you wish the colors to be applied in. I chose yellow, orange, red, blue, purple then green. I applied 3 pieces of each color at a time double knotting them directly onto the hanger. 

Then I hot glued my white flower onto my fun yellow glasses. In the center of the flower I hot glued red stones and white rhinestones. 

The Last little touch was to make the Splash word.
To make this word I used Tim Holz grungeboard letters. 
Each one of them I covered in glue, then either micro glass beads or flocking. 
then taking my cardboard piece I sprayed some grey alcohol ink on it then mounted the letters with hot glue, I drew a black outline around the entire word and made circles at the time (one on each side for hanging) then cut around the entire outline. Hole punched in the middle of the 2 circles. then taking some longer strips of the leis I was able to hang the saying to the hanger.

Then I also took 18" long pieces of each of the leis colors and tied a bow to the top of the hanger and there you have it. 

Happy Summer !!


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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bathroom Wall Art - Epic Fail

I know, I know I have been really slacking on posts lately. 
So your going to love this one. 
We recently moved to our basement bedroom (because it's cooler down there, oh course) So my bathroom down there is lacking a little me. So I wanted to add some pop to my walls and still match my awesome shower curtain. 

To make the flower petals, Cut 1 1/2" wide strips of cardstock paper.
Outer Petal: 12" long
Middle Petal: 9" long
Inner Petal: 6" long
I used 3 different colors per flower.
Mix it up. 
Start from the Inner Petal, Hot glue the ends together, now add the middle petal, then the outer petal. Once your petal is completely glued together. Arrange the 5 petals and then hot glue the ends together. The next step will show you how to make the circle for the middle of your flower.

Using cardboard from cereal boxes or such, cut out 2 size circles (3 each). one 3" and the other 2" circles. grab your fantastic washi tape in the colors that you are working with. cover the circles with wash tape. then mount the 2" circle onto the 3" circle with mounting tape so that it has some dimension. I also took a black marker and drew a black line around the entire edge of both circles (not shown in above photo.

Using 2"circles again, put washi tape on them, outline with black marker and use for the butterflies. (I also made 3 extra 3" circles to just apply randomly on the wall.  To make the butterfly. You need (2) 11"x1" strips and (1) 5"x1" strip of cardstock. Starting with one of the longer strips, hot glue the ends together, repeat with 2nd strip, then glue both strips together. taking one side at a time. bend the loop to look like a top heavy, put glue in the crease and press. this makes the wing, now repeat on the other side. hot glue the 2" circle ontop of the wings. Bend the last strip in half curl the ends outward and then glue on back side of circle. tadahhh.

This was a fun project and adds that extra special pop.

Happy Creating!!


Here is what the wall looked like the next morning.
Off I go to tweet and make it work. stay tuned!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bucket List - Disney Project

Bucket Lists can be so much fun not only to create but to fulfill. I have had many items on my list over the years and have been able to check a couple off along the way. Including: riding an elephant, riding on a dogsled in Alaska, taking a ride on a airboat, seeing a moose up close, creating my own quilt pattern line, visiting both disneyland and Disney World and so many more wonderful things.

There are so many things I would love to accomplish this summer and so many more that i wish I had a house of my own so I could do them. I would absolutely love to have my own garden and get down and dirty. 

My Bucket List choice that I would like to share with you all is a craft project I have been dying to create. Every year since me and my sweetheart have been married we go on vacation and it usually is to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Each time we go we always come home with ticket stubs, buttons, disney dollars, pressed pennies and this last time we also went to "the animation academy" in Disney California Adventures and learned how to draw jack skellington. So my plan is to take all these mementos arrange a fantastic collage and frame it, leaving room to add to it each year. 

If you would like to make something like this. save all the little things that you get while at disney. Stop in at the guest relations office near the entrance of the park and grab a button. They have one for every occasion including: Happy Birthday, Happily Ever After, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, Just Engaged, First Visit, I'm Celebrating, Family Reunion, My Magical Triumph (for marathon runners) and Honorary Citizen (this one you have to repeat an oath and then they make you an honorary citizen. We also have an official certificate saying we are licensed to drive the Mark Twain Riverboat. We received this certificate after going up to the top cabin withe the captain and she let us honk the horn and turn the wheel. After our ride we signed the captains guest book and she rewarded us with the certificate. It was a great experience. If you ever want to do this. You must ask the captain before the ride if you can go up to the top cabin, if she/he gives you permission she will instruct you of what to do and where to go. Highly recommended. When it comes to some of the other items. you will always have an entrance ticket, we also save unused fast pass tickets. For the Disney dollars you can usually get these at any of the shops or guest relations. A disney dollar is equal to a u.s. dollar but can only be spent as real money in a disney park or store. Last but not least are the Disney pressed pennies. there are a number of locations for these and each machine has different designs. If you want to know where all of the machines are go again to guest relations and ask for a map for the pressed pennies. This map will tell you where every single machine is and which designs they hold. 
 If you need any more info or want to send me pictures of your collages. come on over and see me at



Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Green Pouch & Pouch Pop Giveaway

Little Green Pouch & Pouch Pops Giveaway

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Why are Pouch Pops a Pin-worthy Product?

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BareMinerals Passionate for Pastels Giveaway!!!

It is summertime, it is hot outside and who is not passionate for pastels? Enjoy this fabulous Ulta Passionate for Pastels giveaway from Le Chateau Des Fleurs:

Passionate For Pastels includes bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Sweetest Thing, Flawless Definition Mascara in Black, Sorbet Blush, Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Go Getter and a cosmetic bag.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Butterfly Clip out of Recycled cardboard

I have been saving cardboard and plastic pieces from packaging. This butterfly's body and wings are made from recycled cardboard (embellished with some fun inks and beads). I started out making a pattern for one wing. My Wing has 3 layers.  #3 is the larger base piece of the wing, #2 is a lower layer of the wing, #1 has a top and a bottom top layer of the wing. 4 total pieces to each wing. 

Once you have the pattern trace it onto more recycled cardboard. I labeled my pieces so there would be no confusion.

Cut all pieces out and lay onto newspaper or some kind of scrap paper that can get messy. Make sure you flip all pieces on the left so they match the right side.

Spray all pieces with a base color. (both sides)

now add different colors in an abstract way on the top wing pieces.
I also outlined the top wing pieces with black ink.

Putting the butterfly together
  • hot glue 5 beads together to form the body of the butterfly
  • glue #3 pieces of the wing to the beads
  • glue #2 Pieces to the lower half of the butterfly wings
  • flue #1 pieces to the top and bottom of the wings (the bottom one should overlap #2 piece.
  • bend some copper wire to use for antenna and glue to the top bead
  • glue a hair clip to the back of the butterfly
  • Last, I hot glued some copper beads onto the middle of body and edges of wings.

Supplies I used:
  • Recycled cardboard from some craft packaging
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Mister Huey's Color Mists - Dark Calico
  • Luminarte - Radiant Rain - Solar Gold
  • Luminarte - Radiant Rain - Apple Blossom
  • Apple Barrel - White 
  • Spronge Brush
  • 5 beads
  • copper wire
  • Martha Stewart luster glass microbeads - Copper
  • Hair Clip

Happy Crafting


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Indiana Jones Disneyland Facts & Tips

This week I am going to fill you in on the Indiana Jones Adventures that is only located in Disneyland.

The Ride

Not only does this ride have a fantastic que where you will see fantastic artwork depicting scenes you will find in the Indiana Movies. But the ride itself is top notch. You'll board a 12-person troop transport that will take you through some rough and ragged terrain, where you better buckle up because you will be shifted up, down, backward, forward and you don't want to fall off the bridge or get left back and shot with arrows.

On this adventure you will take a cliff-hanging journey through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. With Indy's help, you will get through giant Gates of Doom. Pass molten lava in the Cavern of Bubbling Death and avoid the undead mummies of the temple's past victims and swerve to avoid lava eruptions, swarms of insects and evil wraiths. 
Next you will cross over a rickety bridge and come face to face with a giant snake. Just when you thought you were past all dangers you will have to outrun a giant boulder.

The Que
The adventure really starts in the sue. Where you will work your way into the attraction area which is the site for an archaeological expedition. After crossing over a wooden bridge, you will finally reach the temple, here is where the waiting can begin. One great thing is that you can download the below decoder card and look for the mara-glyphics on items and the walls. These originally were part of a AT&T sponsorship, disney cast members would hand these decoder cards out at the beginning of the que, but after a while they stopped doing this. If the line is moving more quickly take a picture and decode later. 

Attraction Tips

  • Ride is considered a fast, rough and dark ride
  • make sure you always correctly fasten your seat belt.
  • the height requirement is 46"
  • You can get Fastpass's for this ride.
  • Ride duration time: 3:15 minutes
  • each time you ride this ride you will get a different experience. because of the countless variations, there are 160,000 possible ride combinations.
Fun Facts
  • This ride opened in March 1995
  • the entire site features more than 1,300 props, including the actual troop transport from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. (you can see this on the right hand site when exiting.
  • Over 600 strobes simulate lighting inside the Tunnel of Torment
  • the Cavern of Bubbling Death measures 50 feet high
  • Mara's power can cause nearly 60 pounds of rubble to tumble every 18 seconds
  • wind speeds inside the Mummy Chamber can gust up to 60 mph
  • the Rolling Boulder in the attractions finale is 16 feet diameter.
  • The Temple of the Forbidden Eye has over 2,000 replicated skulls

  • Go and Enjoy the Adventure!!



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Disney Countdown Frame

We are Disney fans and love going to Disney (either park, we have been to both). We celebrate our wedding anniversary each year with a disney vacation. We are celebrating our 5th year and decided to splurge for a disney resort hotel this time. We have always stayed at good neighbor hotels or hotels farther out. I have seen many creative ways to keep track of the days left tip we pack up the good ole' car and head out on the highway. I wanted to do a framed countdown that I can set on my desk and look and dream about everyday. 

I am also on a washi crusade. everything I look at lately I ask myself "should I washi that, or not"? This was a perfect project to washi like crazy. I had the perfect washi tape for it. "Alice in wonderland" washi and a nice white and turquoise stripe wash. 

Supplies I used:

  • 8 x10 frame (you can get 2 of these frames for $8.99 at costco)
  • Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape
  • Turquoise and White striped Washi Tape
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Glittery chipboard letters
  • mounting tape
  • Scrapbook Tape
  • 2 sheets of pink card stock
  • 1 sheet of white card stock
  • 2 Turquoise Brads
  • Hole Punch

First I removed the mat from inside the frame. Then taking my Turquoise washi tape, I applied a strip over the burgandy inside stripe on the mat. Using an exacto knife I was able to trim down the excess tape and to also cut the corners (see photo above)

Next I grabbed the alice in wonderland washi tape (this tape was wider) I layed a strip down the left side then the right side. Now lay down 2 more strips one on the top and then on the bottom (these 2 strips will overlap the 2 side ones). In the photo above the left photo shows how the tape is hanging off the sides because it is too wide. take scissors or your exacto knife and trim excess. 

The bottom 3 photos (from above) 
Left Photo: show how I took the turquoise washi tape again and layed layers onto the front of the frame. similar to the way I applied it to the mat. then I added 2 strips to each corner .
Middle Photo: I put the mat back into the frame and this is what it looks like.
Right Photo: I added pink glittery chipboard letters. spelling out: Disney Countdown, mounting them on with 1/16 inch mounting tape. 

Cut a white piece of card stock the side of the mat. this one was 6"x8"
Photo 1: taking the 6x8 I laid the mat on top of it and traced the open rectangle onto the paper.  Then 
because my number pages are 2"x2 1/2" each I traced 2 boxes inside the 1st.
Photo 2: taking Turquoise washi tape I applied it the areas that would still be scene after mounting and adding the number pages. (it is ok if you overlap the lines, they will not be scene.
Photo 3 & 4: tape 2 (2"x2 1/2") boxes into the 2 spaces allotted for them.
Photo 5: Tape mat board onto bottom sheet you just finished making.

The last thing you need to do is to attach the number cards. punch a hole in the top of each card (you are going to need a card for each number). Take a brad and poke it through the holes and into the back sheet. and now you are finished. 

Happy Disney Days!!!


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Kitty Cubie

We recently adopted 2 kittens. So little by little I buy things for her. I was at walmart yesterday and noticed a nice kitty cubie, but they we're wanting more than I was willing to pay which was $15. So after looking at the construction of the cubie. I said to myself "I can make that and for less". 

I knew I already had material in my material closet that would be perfect for my little cutiepie's, so all I needed to find was the filler that goes inbetween the material. it felt thicker than regular batting. I first went to the craft section and found the perfect material, but again they wanted to much. this was a 42"x72" roll of 3/4" spongy batting for $17.00. I planned on making 2 cubbies but that would still make the batting $8.50 a piece. So I thought to myself this material feels like the egg crate toppers you put on mattress's. So off to the bedding aisle to look for padding. I found a 36"x72" sheet of egg crate foam mattress pad for $10. ($5.00 per cubbie) ok  SOLD. 

Material you need to make 1 kitty cubbie.
  • Foam padding (I found the best deal in the bedding aisle)
  • 1 1/2 yards of (2) different patterned/solid material (one for the inside, one for the outside)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • needle
  • thread
  • pins
  • ruler

This is a photo of the padding I found in the bedding aisle at Walmart.

Fun, Fun, Fun material

First step: (this is for 1 cubie) cut 6 squares 18"x18" of each material. You will have 12 squares total.
Second step. cut 6 squares 17"x17" of the foam padding. To sew each wall. take a square from each material, put together rightside out. sew around 3 sides of the square and cut. Now take 1 square of padding and put inside pocket you just made. Once padding is inside, go back to the sewing machine and stitch the last side shut. Do this 4 more times. 

The 6th square is a little different because you will be putting a circle hole in the middle of this one. 
Do this square in the following order.
  • draw a circle in the middle of the square. (the square consists of the front and back material)
  • cut out circle (through both materials)
  • lay on top of foam square and draw circle on foam square
  • cut the circle out of the foam square
  • flip top & bottom squares so that the tops are facing inward
  • sew around the circle.
  • flip material inside out so that top of material is on the outside now.
  • place foam square in between the 2 sewn pieces. 
  • use pins to secure material in place
  • now sew all the way around the square sealing the foam square in.

When sewing the finished sides together i used my sewing machine to sew the 4 sides together (sew the seams together) the top and bottom were a little to awkward to sew with the machine so i hand sewed the edges. 

 My kitties love it. I had a hard time keeping them out of it until I was finished with it. 

Happy Kitty Day!!!


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