Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Series Day 18 - Mint Oreo & Ritz Cracker Cookies

On the 18th Day of Christmas
Santa brought to me

A great idea for a yummy recipe!
So I am sharing it with all of you
Today I am personally posting :)

My gift to You is a post on

 "Mint Oreo & Ritz Cracker Cookies"

Today I am going to teach you 2 different ways to make these easy mint cookies.

the first way  you need oreo's, melting chocolate and mint extract.
I have been dying to try out my new mold (seen below)

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (do this in 30 second increments so that
 you don't end up burning the chocolate). add a little bit of mint extract.
 Spoon the melted chocolate into the mold. fill about 2/3 of the mold. 

Now... take your cookie and press it into the mold. the bottom
 of the cookie won't have chocolate on it. 
Place in the refrigerator until firm.

Once they are firm they should pop out with no problems. 
 Now for the second way to make mint cookies...
Melt the chocolate again (same way as above) in a bowl or cup.
now add a little bit of mint extract. (not to much because a little goes a long way)
Once melted drop a ritz cracker into the chocolate and full cover. 

 I used my tongs to grab the cracker and tapped on the side of the cup
 to get rid of excess chocolate. Once you think you have enough of the extra
 chocolate off. place on a piece of waxed paper and let dry.
Don't these look yummy. and the green ones have those terrific winter
 designs on top from the molds. The mold I picked up from Michael's for $2.00

These would be a great addition for any goody plate.

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  1. Ooh, yummy! These look great - and super easy!