Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheshire Cat Hat Carrie Style

One of me and my sweet hubbies traditions anytime we go to disneyland or disneyworld is to buy a cool hat. So last year the one I chose was the Cheshire Cat Mickey ears one. 

Here's a photo of what it looks like

Front View
Back view

Ok so i love the cheshire cat and most of this hat I did like but tell me if it's just me but is the tail on this hat the most awkward looking thing. They placed it in a spot that when viewed from the front you have this pink shape sticking up in the middle. I hated it. The entire time I wore it I kept thinking of that stupid tail and where they put it. i kept imagining a long, bushy, lovely tail hanging off the back. 
What were they thinking????

So here is where we get to the fun stuff.
The 1st thing I did was bought me a ball of starbella in the pink and purple hues that scream cheshire cat. and using there instructions to make a scarf I made a 12 inch long stream, purrr-fect for my tail. I hand stitched this to the bottom of my hat under the name. Now that's a cheshire cat tail. 

So what did I do with the original tail you are wondering??
I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped it off. 
You gasp at the thought, I heard you do it. 
But come on it had to go and the quicker the better. 
It's for the good of the hat. Believe me. 
Now that the horrid tail is gone i had to patch of the space it left. because i couldn't detach the entire thing (they had stitched it onto the hat) so it had a fabric ring where the tail used to be. 
No problem. I went to hobby lobby and bought some feathery fun stuff.
It's called feather trim and I bought some in light pink, fushia, purple and black. 

So alternating colors of feathers I hot glued them to the back of the hat. (as you can see right above the name there is a white circle, this is the remnant of the original tail)
 I continued line after line of feathers until this ring was completely covered without covering my name.

there again in the middle of the photo you can see the dreaded ring

Here is how the back looked after applying the feathers. 
The cheshire cat is supposed to be one kooky, scramble-brained nutter. I thought this new hair style fit his personality oh so much better. Don't you. 

 Here is the front view minus 1 weirdo pink tail on the top. He looks absolutely fabulous. 
I will have to take a shot of me wearing it and post it later. 
Hope you had fun watching the marvelous transformation.

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